Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sierra Bigfoot

Dropped into The Charleston Beer Exchange last evening for one of their free tastings.

I think I go there too often, as we're on first name terms...

Anyway, the tasting was Some of Flying Dog's excellent beers, but on the growler was Sierra's Bigfoot.

The name is apt. This beer has big flavor, aroma, and at 9.6%abv, strength.

It's a dark red/brown beer, and very hoppy. I very much like hoppy beers, in fact a local brew, Palmetto Pale Ale, is one of my favorite session beers, if I can find it on tap.

This beer has a sweeter finish, and as well as being hoppy, is malty too. A nice balance in my opinion.

I don't think I could make this a session beer, as it's a little too strong to swaff a gallon down and remain upright, but I could easily be persuaded to try and prove myself wrong....

Get down to 14, Exchange Street and get a jugful while it's on.


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Anonymous said...

Bigfoot is one of those beers I look forward to every year. I like it when it is first released and just as much months later. Still have four bottles of the 2008 left and will probably buy at least a case this year.