Monday, August 2, 2010

Rare Beer Tuesday with Foothills Brewing!

Rare Beer Tuesday with Foothills Brewing! (8/3)
Tomorrow at 5pm, as we do every Tuesday, we are tapping a ridiculously amazing keg on our growler station! This week we're fired up to have Foothills Bourbon Barrel-Aged People's Porter! This is an absolutely delicious roasty & creamy porter to start and then it is aged in select, wet Kentucky Bourbon barrels to add beautiful notes of oak and vanilla. This extremely limited, draft only beer is rarely available so don't miss out!

Upcoming Special Release 22oz "Growler" Program (aka "Rare Bomber Thursday")
The Charleston Beer Exchange has decided to once again up the ante and launch a new program we are affectionately calling "Rare Bomber Thursday"! As some of you may recall, we have periodically released some our most limited quantity beers in 22oz bomber-style "growlers" to ensure the beer love spreads to as many people as possible. We only do this when the beer meets a strict criteria of being very limited in quantity and only available on draft. These limited small growlers are counter-pressure filled, just the same as many breweries do, to ensure maximum shelf life. "Rare Bomber Thursday" will bring this program to a regular weekly time slot of Thursdays at 5pm. Yes, this is all in addition to our regular "Rare Beer Tuesday" traditional 64oz growler program. At the start of each week, we will announce our "Rare Beer Tuesday" and our "Rare Bomber Thursday" releases in the same email you currently receive as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Nothing else is changing, we're just bringing you even more beer treasure on a regular basis!

A few answers to frequently asked questions:

-Quantities will still be limited, just less limited. From a small keg, we'll get 25-30 bomber-style growlers instead 9-10 traditional 64oz growlers. Sometimes there may be a per person limit, sometimes not. Depends on the beer.
-Bottles are counter-pressure filled to ensure a more stable shelf life but we still encourage you to keep them cold and drink them sooner than later.
-We take sanitization and filling technique extremely seriously and strive to provide you with the highest quality product possible. The brewers worked hard to make the beer and it is our job to see that you get to enjoy it unhindered by any poor treatment.
-This program will be in the trial stage for a while. We don't promise it will last indefinitely the way "Rare Beer Tuesday" has turned out but we have high hopes!

Rare Bomber Thursday (8/5)
Still reading? Thanks! Our inaugural "Rare Bomber Thursday" growler release this Thursday at 5pm will be Ommegang Grand Cru Rouge! In our opinion, this is one of the greatest sour beers ever made. This authentic Flemish Red Ale was aged 18 months in French Oak at Brewery Bockor in Belgium. Sadly, Ommegang's partnership with Bockor dissolved and this beer has not been made in nearly 2 years. For all intents and purposes, Rouge no longer come get it while you can!

Remember, you can always see what's live on our growler station by visiting our website at and clicking "News/Growlers"!

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