Monday, September 26, 2011

We are tech nerds

With beer guys seemingly sharing all of yhe same interests and hobies, I feel it necessary to share my airpad experience with you all!
I am a low grade tech nerd. Not a code monkey or programing genious, but rather a consumer with a semi limited tech budget and unlimited gadgetitis. Every dollar I spend on electronics is a dollar I don't spend on travel and beer.
I recently putchased an AirPad from X10. Touted as the best (and only)  android tablet under $200.
Well.... one of 2 claims is correct!
My first complaint: the service sucked! I have been an X10 fan for nearly 10 years, but this was stupid! I was ready to report them to paypal by the time this gadget showed up!
And gadget it is! Fun? Yeah. Durable? We'll see. Useful? Not really!
I am using it to type this report, and it seems to be working, but I am also thumb typing which is a bit slow.
The battery life is nill! It is dead in 7 hours standby with wifi on. I expect a considerable reduction from that while surfing the web! One or two hours maybe!
That isn't aweful, but by the time you download the Netflix app and find a movie you wont have enough battery to watch it!
The apps are just like what you get on Droid phones so there were no surprizes there. Well... almost.
SOME of the apps you use on a Droid phone are prrtty reliant on location data and internet. If you are like me, you don't really think about this stuff until it doesn't work. And with the Airpad... they don't work!
The twitter is fun on the air pad because the screen is so much bigger than a phone. But again, this requires wifi, so do not expect to tweet your day away unless you have a wall outlet handy!
Did I mention that you cannot order a car charger or extra wall charger? You are on your own to find one that will work.
I don't much care for the build quality either? The plastic feels thin and poorly made. Like a child's toy rather than a $200 piece of electronics.
Whatever you do, dont expect quick startup either. A full 2 minute wait fron the time you turn it on should be expected.
I am pretty unexcited by the droid platform for a 7" tablet, altho I love... LOVE my droid x phone.
In the intrest of full disclosure, I should mention that I am a full on fan of my iPad in the cockpit of an airplane!  Other than that it is simply a handy way to surf part of the web (no flash) and read blogs. Without the in-flight capabilities of the iPad, i would have to call it an $800 trinket!
Overall, I am not disappointed in the airpad, other than battery life, but certainly am not impressed.
If I were in the market today, I would wait for the $250 gizmo from Amazon!

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