Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cans vs Bottles

I’ve long held a single belief about craft beer.

I like the carbonation of a canned beer better than a bottled beer.

I like the way it opens gently, pours softly and is a better overall experience.

When I decided to test this theory, there just happened to be a subject staring me in the face. There was a bottle of Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA sitting right next to a can in the fridge.

Not sure exactly when either were made, but I do remember ending up with both in the cart at the same time, so I know that they were purchased on the same day.

I had the wife pour them into identical glasses and bring them to me blind. After tasting, I begged to know which one  was which!

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Workingdan said...

I prefer bottles myself. But if it's a craft beer, I would rather it be in a frosted mug.

I just posted a "beer porn" blog that I think you can appreciate! Come check it out!