Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Voodoo Bacon Beer

Today I’ve got a serious challenge to my palate and I’m going to attempt to share with you!

We are tackling the big pink bottle of Rogue VOODOO Doughnut Bacon and Maple Ale.

They are so proud of the “Baker's Dozen” ingredients in this brew that they list all 13 on the back of the bottle... Including three different smoked malts! And just in case you had wondered.... YES! Yes it does actually have bacon!

Pouring a light amber color, I’m thinking that by appearance and ingredients... This is perhaps the worlds most perfect “Breakfast Beer.”

The nose is wonderfully sweet and smokey. The maple flavor is quite evident and as I’ve noted with other beers made with Rogue’s “Packman Yeast” there is a nice fresh bread aroma. No apparent hop aroma, although I know it’s there somewhere.  IF this beer tastes 1% as good as it smells, it's going to be ROCKING!

Hop on over to BigKahunaBrew.com to share the rest of this tasty and unique brew,


Workingdan said...

Definitely sounds like a breakfast beer. Apparently bacon IS good with anything!

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