Friday, October 18, 2013

Worth the Wait!

Worth The Wait

I have been on pins and needles for months while waiting for the new book in the Buck Riley series, "Crystal Blue"  to become available!

Author John Cunningham has masterfully toyed with my emotions since some time in January or February; whenever I realized a new book was nearly done. With every tweet and every Facebook photo, I would get excited with anticipation, hoping it was the release of the new book!

The other thing that Cunningham does masterfully well, is character development. This has always been one of my favorite things about his books.

At some point in the first 3 pages, you would recognize the main character if you saw him on the street.

The character development combined with straightforward story lines that are full of twists and turns, and a very linear writing style, make it no secret that Cunningham is one of my favorite authors these days!

If you have ever traveled the Caribbean or watched old pirate movies you will recognize the sights and sounds that Cunningham paints in your mind!

With characters traveling to actual places, that I very much enjoy, its easy to keep my attention! At one point, Buck was at the "Beach Bar" in Cruz Bay on the island of St. John!  I actually wondered for a split second, if he saw my Kahuna Sticker on the door..... That's what I call being wrapped up in a book!


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