Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First Beer

January 1st has traditionally been the stepping stone for a new beginning. New year, new start and dreams of making life better. Before you can move forward you have to look back at what got you where you are. I thought it would only be fitting that my initial post on this site, also first of the new year, is the first beer I ever drank. I'm not kidding, that's the bottle I swiped from dad's stash 17 years ago.

I don't know why I saved it. Honestly, I think it was to impress some girl. I've moved many times since I first drank that glorious bottle of Golden Anniversary and always displayed it with pride through college and then in my 20's as a conversation piece. Now into my 30's it serves as a reminder of where I came from. It's a symbol of my birth into beer which has grown into a passion and obsession for the craft beer industry.

Next time you see a person partaking in beverages of a lower quality keep in mind that was once you and someone opened your eyes to a world beyond cheesy commercials, ads and hype. In 2009 I ask that you become the flavor savior and educators. It's time to show people the light.



Anonymous said...

I honestly don't remember the first beer I had. Probably some low cost pee water at my senior party. I do remember drinking a lot of MGD in my younger days and thinking it was the only beer I'd ever need. So much for that notion.

spoon said...

If that beer wasnt so awful I probably would have tossed it.

JSKC said...

I wish i could remember my first, though I'm sure it was Heineken or a Corona, or something. Oh, how things have changed.

Mek Opolis said...

That is awesome that you still have the bottle....ah memories