Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rocky Mountain IPA - Fort Collin's Brewery

I have not posted a review in a few weeks... So, I thought... If I am going to do this, I should make it special. The nice thing about the winter months is the great selection of fall beers and winter specialty brews that are out. I spent many minutes browsing the beer cellar before deciding to say "screw it" to all that fancy stuff!

I'm an IPA guy! I can drink an IPA for any occasion! Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall... It always fits! And, just like there are a thousand podcasts about beer... There's a thousand varieties of IPA on the shelf at Friar Tuck. Enjoy them now and pray for these breweries... Because this economy could take us down to 500 next year!

Now, on to the beer!
Rocky Mountain IPA from Fort Collins brewery! This one was picked up by the Hoopmaster. I had drank a large quantity of this over the past weekend while playing cards... And to be sure, this beer was a great drinker... Especially in mass.

But, whats really great about this beer... Its the way it can come to life when you are just enjoying one. Lots of hop tinge and tang on the sides of the tongue. A smack of bitterness. And a nice malty roundness at the end of the taste. Your mouth is watering for another drink after a minute of enjoying all flavors that have washed down your throat. (Maybe that's just my Pavlovian reaction to IPA's... Hard to say!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009