Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are you a beer snob?

Over the past three years, since the inception of, I have been faced with the comments from folks that we are beer snobs.

Lately I have been thinking about this stereotypical term that is laid upon any and all craft beer lovers from their peers. While part of me is quite proud to own this label, there is a part of me who despises this terminology.

I have learned over time that this term can be quite damaging to the craft beer industry as a whole. We at SIDT are proud to introduce average folks to great craft beer. And from experience I can tell you that these same folks are very turned off by the stereotypical beer snob who talks over their heads, and spits out beer terminology like a scientist.

So if you consider yourself a “beer snob” and want to spread the good word of craft beer, please keep in mind the next time you chastise someone for drinking one of the “BMC” (Bud, Miller & Coors) beers that these folks are new to the industry as a whole. If they are willing to listen, offer them a gateway beer and explain the blood, sweat and tears that these brewers experience to share their favorite recipes and styles with the masses.

Explain the different styles and recommend that they keep trying until they find their favorite. If they are not willing to listen and simply insult your beverage of choice, move on to someone who will listen.

Even as an experienced craft beer fan, I feel that there is a fine line between beer snob and asshole at times. If you love craft beer and want to see the industry grow, I implore you to not cross that line and simply be respectful and have patience with your new craft beer prospects.