Friday, February 5, 2010

Yellow Tail Fail Whale

We are about beer here at BeerPorn, but other libations are topics of interest to many of us as well. I am not as much of a wine aficionado as I would like to be, but I do like to be informed about who makes what I drink. This is my take on one winery that I'll not be buying from any more.
Yellow tail wine out of Australia has long been a "Go-To" wine for my wife and I. Their wines are reasonably priced and very tasty. I will however, not be purchasing any more of their products.
Yellow tail is now touting that on "February 4, 2010 – [yellow tail] wine announced a collaboration with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in support of the organization's mission to celebrate animals. As part of their "[tails] for tails" campaign, [yellow tail] will make use of social media and in-store advertising to spread the message that consumers can "pick up a bottle of [yellow tail] and help a tail-wagging friend."
The fact is, Yellow Tail wine has decided to support an extremest activist group that deceives it's supporters. The HSUS, (Humane Society of The United States) markets themselves as protecting animals. The fact is, they only support lobbyists and politicians. The HSUS has a huge budget and only aims to put animal agriculture out of business. They do close to NOTHING to help local animal shelters.
The Sportsman's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance has even asked the IRS to evaluate the Non Profit status of the HSUS. They believe that the organization has outgrown it's stated purpose of helping animals and taken on a bigger role in putting animal agriculture out of business.
There are plenty of other reasons NOT to support the HSUS. One example is the recent earthquake in Haiti. We all feel a responsibility to try and help. The HSUS has collected money to help with animal rescue there.The Center for Consumer Freedom has asked the HSUS to return all donations it received for Haiti relief. There are no animal rescue issues in Haiti they claim.
All of this to say that the HSUS has either fooled the folks at Yellow Tail into thinking that they actually help rescue animals, or the people at Yellow Tail did their research and decided to give $100,000 to support the destruction of Agriculture in America.
Either way, I'm not interested in being a part of that.
Further proof that Yellow Tail is not a company I can support, is on their facebook page. They received a barrage of negative comments about their donation to the HSUS, but initially deleted many of the comments. What kind of nonsense is that? They wanted publicity out of this thing...they got it. Twitter was blazing with comments about Yellow Tail wine and their donation on Thursday.
I encourage everyone to take steps to support animal rescue, but do it locally. Go to your local animal shelter and ask them how you can help. Your donation there will actually help an animal, not a radical activist group with a $100 million per year plus budget.
I for one will be concentrating my wine purchases on American wines from California and Colorado. I guess I should have known to Buy American anyway.