Friday, November 12, 2010

Over Done!

I have listened to SWMBO do a lot of complaining about how much beer I bring into the house.
I figure, your average BMC drinker takes in 2 six packs or as many as 3 cases of piss water yellow beer a week. That’s like 72 bottles… or cans as the case may be.

The 3 case guy is an exception and either has one hell of a social life, or is in need of some help, but I wanted to see what I had to offer.

A trip to the basement with a freshly labeled batch of homemade mead really got me thinking… What’s down here?

Homebrew and home vented wine and mead are out of the count… I’m just too lazy!

So I’ll just count what has a commercial label on it, and call that the count for today. Keep in mind that the basement is what I’m “Saving for a later date”. The drinking beer is in the fridge upstairs and in the Keezer in kegs.

I have 48 bombers, 14 corked Belgian bottles, 3 cases of Lindeman’s 750’s. 35 individual sour beers and 6 unopened 12 packs waiting for their day in a vertical tasting. There is also 4 cases of commercial mead and 3 cases of wine.

I don’t have a drinking problem! I have a buying problem! And it seems that SWMBO’s naggings are not unfounded.

I guess the end result will be one hell of a party with well aged, oxidized and over aged beer and wine…. Ya know… after I’m dead.

Anyway, it’s an enjoyable hobby, and it keeps me out of serious trouble. It gives my mind a place to go to rather that the awful realities of life, and it gives me hope for a bright future… or a very foggy end! (That’s a joke and if you’re not laughing you should be ashamed!)

Have a beer or 2, but don’t forget to save some for tomorrow!