Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beer Ink Number 1

Meet Andy. He is the manager of "The Heorot", a damn fine place to find craft beer in Muncie. Tattoos are all the rage and this one caught my eye being a lover of all things Three Floyds. I asked Andy why he decided to get a Gorch Fock Helles tattoo on his arm. He said it was the artwork. Gumballhead is his favorite Three Floyds beer. He also enjoyed the Moloko milk stout when it was available. Andy is also a fan of Stone RIS and Left Hand Milk Stout.

We love our craft beer in Muncie Indiana and some people show it on their skin. I will follow this post up with another bartender from the same place who has a Dark Horse Scotty Karate tattoo on her thigh. I just wanted to share this.

JeffreyT (Alpha King)

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Anonymous said...

I want a beer related tattoo when I finally decide (grow the sack) to get one. Not sure exactly what, but I'd like something that represented the four ingredients.