Saturday, December 13, 2008

Track Town 200 Meter

Oh how I miss Oregon. I have vacationed there for the last two years. I have spent quite a bit of time in Eugene since a friend and former cast member of my show lives there. KB lives right across the street from the Ducks stadium. On to the beer. This Eugene offering is produced by Rogue. I have been to Newport twice and enjoyed the hell out of the food and beer there. Rogue on the other hand, is usually scoffed by myself here in Indiana. They are a good brewery but when I am out or canvassing a liquor store, Rogue never seems to make it in my glass or shopping cart. Blame it on Three Floyds, Founders or Bells I guess.

This little beauty showed up on the chalkboard of my neighborhood pub which I have had 1054 different beers at. It sucks to live near the biggest selection of beer in Indiana at a bar. Well this Eugene Track Town 200 Meter showed up for $2.75 a bomber and I dived in. Man was it good. Being a IPA guy I noticed the fade. Probably been sitting down in the cellar for a while before they brought it up. Other than that it was a great IPA. Picked out some Amarillo which was later confirmed with my Ipod touch. Funny thing about this beer was that I tried to order it at the Concordia Ale House in Portland since they had it on special. I was denied. I wish I wasn't because I would like to try this fresher. I highly recommend this beer to any Amarillo fans out there and I am going to look for it at a carry-out tonight hoping for something younger.

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