Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beercasting and Double Dead Guy

In vino veritas, right? For you non-latin speaking folk, that means that in wine, there speaks truth. But what about beer? Beer is surely the voice of the common man, and nobody gets more common than the fine folk at Big Foamy Head. In an attempt to bring our version of class and culture to the great unwashed masses (that be's you folks) we bring you a glimpse into the makings of a podcast. Although our great friend Jeffrey T. hosts this blog, and is a world-renowned podcaster himself, he's rather selfish and prefers to be pimpin' rather than providin'.
So we're providing a peek at our great after show beer, the Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale! Beautiful beer, amber in color, but you gotta understand that we're three beers in with an average of 10% ABV. The Double Dead Guy comes in at 9% alcohol, so we really have to study this beer because we aren't suffering under the weight of the crushing alcohol burden - not that we don't like that sort of thing.
Mike: My first impression is that the two skulls on the bottom - skulls and crossbones - and the bold red color of the bottle is very impressive. Pours a beautiful amber and golden color, clear with no chill haze, nice lacing on the glass and the first taste is bitter hops, clean finish, little malt.
Dick: I've been a fan of Dead Guy for a long time, having actually purchased an entire keg. Almost over did it, but obviously not. The Double is a subtle double - it doesn't smack my bitch up, but instead gives her a good workout. It's a clean finish and the hop and malt balance is perfect. A nice double. Personally, I think it should always be double. Beats the regular Dead Guy hands down.
Rick: The regular Dead Guy, it's a fake German-Mexican beer. I'm sitting in Colorado, so I'm screwed at tasting this.
Mike: The Rogue website calls this a strong Doppelbock, tan head, with a vigorous poor, some spiciness, resinous, quite bitter.
Rick: We drank an entire keg one weekend. Supposed to be a Maibock, but it's an ale.
Mike: As a dopplebock, the flavor is out of character but the flavor seems more acceptable.
Dick: Okay, let's agree to disagree. It's not a lager but has the lager characteristics of a clean finish, and will pound you over a good barbecue.
Mike: And I think it's enjoyable and a surprisingly hoppy and bitter, enjoyable drink.
Rick: Got the Rogue's Pacman yeast and free range coastal water.

More after-show drunken beer reviews coming your way soon!

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Alpha King said...

I had the pleasure of sipping this off the titty at Rogue in Newport OR while eating a Kobe beef hamburger. I agree it is up a notch from regular deadguy and the balance is very good. I have always been confused by their description of deadguy. It's a good ale and that is all I care about.