Monday, December 1, 2008

Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA

I wont lie... I love this beer... So, if unbiased reviews are your thing... Skip ahead.

I always feel at home with a bottle of Crooked Tree. If you could take the comfort of warm milk... And make it an overhopped Midwestern IPA... Well, this would be a fine example.

It pours with the consistency of milk... Nice and smooth... The head bubbles nice and thick like pancakes on the griddle! Man... The only other beer that has a better mouth-feel might be the Tres Blueberry Stout from the same brewery. Once you get a feel for those bitter hops wrapped in that smooth package... You start to feel like you are eating a rich desert. You begin to savor each sip.

I read or heard somewhere that these guys have a retro roadhouse style brewpub... The brewer is an artist who draws all the labels... And he is known to grow totally unkempt beards. These kind of nuggets of info only add to the character that is the Dark Horse brand. Not that this beer needs any help with character!

Seek out Dark Horse beers!


scott.tyler said...

nice groucho... funny story... I actually sold the head brewer of dark horse his first home brew set up... he went to Northern Michigan University... as did I... And I was working at Whites Party store... and sold it to him... Im glad to see that the beer is quality now... when they first came out.. .the crookoed tree and the black beer sucked... baaaddd..... but now Ive heard that they are much better... Great review!!!

Dale said...

Crooked Tree, in my opinion, being one of the best IPA's out there. Try their winter stout series if you get the chance. Their Tres Blueberry (the 2nd in the series of the 4) is a-freakin-mazing!

GROUCHO said...

Great story Scott... So, the beer was bad huh? Thats pretty funny!

And Dale... That Tres beer is A-MAZING!

Alpha King said...

The brewpub on the inside looks like a rummage sale threw up in the place. Honestly, it is full of weird artwork and stuff all over the walls. They have a mug club which all the mugs are thrown by hand by some dude in the UP. All the mugs are unique. I noticed some people have actually air-brushed flames, skull, etc etc on them. I have an upcoming beerporn story about a girl with a Scottie Karate tattoo on her leg. That is another one of their beers.


IschemicBrew said...

The brewpub is pretty cool. The food there isn't half bad either. I made it one of our stops on an I-94 brewery tour we did last summer. I like their outdoor seating and the "nail game."