Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fake Larry Bell

Well it all started when my beloved Vicki and I were having coffee. I glanced across the coffee shop and commented to her, "That guy looks like Larry Bell". She agreed and also noted that his hair even looks the same. I knew it wasn't the real Larry Bell but the similarity was striking. He came close to the counter where we always sit and being the shy guy that I am, I let him know that he has a famous twin in Kalamazoo. "I feel sorry for him." the man said. "Don't be. He is a millionaire and a famous brewer." I replied. I quickly jumped aboard the internet with my Ipod and showed him this picture. Come to find out, he is Pastor and his name is Matt. He doesn't like beer and Vicki stated to him, "You have not had any good beer yet." They struck up a conversation and I posed in a picture with this impostor. She even gave him some beer suggestions.


GROUCHO said...

The million dollar question... Did you urge him to find a Bell's beer?

Alpha King said...

Bell's Amber for starters

spAceFFF said...

looks exactly like him to me. but the question, you think bell is a millionaire?