Monday, November 17, 2008

Beer Runner Profile: Tom Held

Tim Cigelske writes about beer and fitness -- yes, they can go together -- at The Beer Runner on DRAFT magazine's website. Below is an excerpt of the latest post.

Tom Held’s Off The Couch blog is a big inspiration for me.

Tom is a wealth of knowledge on Wisconsin cross country skiing, running, cycling, outdoor sports advocacy and, yes, good beer.

“This may be a bit sappy,” he told me, “but I think there’s a real community or bonding element to beer.”

A seasoned reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he of course has a source to back up such a claim. Specifically, the camaraderie of Valley Spur, one of his favorite XC ski spots.

“I’ve had people offer me beer, soup, sandwiches and plenty of good stories,” he says. “It’s really part of the joy of the outdoors and physical activity.”

Lucky for me, our paths have crossed before in the newsroom, on the race course and at the finish line beer table. And now on the Beer Runner.

What’s your favorite beer when you’re On the Couch?

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olllllo said...

Beer is a good recovery drink:
My old local (now closed) was the beginning and ending point for any long runs. My favorite post run breakfast was a fruit smoothie, a glass of water and a Guinness.