Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Manneken Pis

Yes, I am drinking an ancient bottle of Manneken Pis. GBS Studio A has an unbelievable cellar and I ordered up this 10 year old or so white beer. The label of current versions of this beer dropped the "Manneken Pis" and sport "Blanche de Bruxelles". The little peeing boy is still the mascot.
Lots of Belgian beers cellar extremely well and this one is no exception. Instead of "going to sherry" as most do, this one changed in taste to resemble a well-known triple. During the consumption of this all I could think of was Triple Karmeliet. A subdued green apple taste dominated the flavor. Fresh versions of this beer are very cloudy white in color and have the orange peel and clove thing going on. This old one poured a clear beautiful golden hue and tasted like apples. Screwing around with the bottle near the end, I dislodged the sediment into my glass. I gladly swilled it.

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