Friday, November 7, 2008

Surprise Belgium

After a long day of hanging drywall. I wanted a treat, so I ran down in my beer cellar and grabbed a Belgium. I am a big IPA fanatic but I wanted to reminisce. My love for finely crafted beer started ten years ago with Belgiums. I poured this beautiful beer moderately hard and it answered with a small head. One smell and I knew what I was in for. I love sour beers! Ask me any day of the week what a Petrus Aged Pale was and I would answer an Old Flanders Brown but my exhaustion accidentally chose for me.

On the sourness scale, this beer is a 7. I detected some wood and the inherent sweetness almost balanced out the sourness. Sour beers go well with non-mild cheese and summer sausage. Unfortunately I have none. I savored every small sip before retiring to bed. I am glad I did not grab a Belgium strong like I thought. It was a great surprise. Did I say I love sour beers?

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