Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The State of Beer as I See It

Lochness, aliens, bigfoot (not the barleywine). Some of the greatest hoaxes of all time? Perhaps, but none of these conspiracy lovers' fetishes can hold a candle to the mental reprogamming that America's major beer manufacturers have managed to pull off. Within the past century, a country of mainly immigrants have been brainwashed to forget their drinking roots and embrace this sham of a beverage referred to as the "American Lager" and even more shamefully the "American Lite Lager". What's wrong with a lager? Nothing if it's brewed with quality practices and ingredients, not to mention the enjoyment of the drinker in mind. Hey, Germans do it all the time (most of them do, I've had Spaten). Alright so let's say you like cheaply made domestic lagers...fine, but why are so many people paying the same price for a lite beer as they are full flavor? Lite beers that are 1/2 the alcohol literally take 1/2 the ingredients to produce. Are Bud/Miller/Coors passing these savings on to you? Hell no, they charge the same and act like you should be thankfull that they're saving you the carbs. Personnally, I'd rather buy a Budweiser and water it down myself. That's a lie, I'd rather buy some Bell's. To all the people who currently make it their ritual to repeatedly drink this swill, I don't want to sound like your mom, but try something different you might like it! Shit, odds are you'll like it even better! And the more you're willing to explore some of the incredible beers that we have at our disposal, the more you'll shake that marketing induced mindset that all of these hot babe-laiden commercials have brainwashed you with. Then you, like I and so many others, can say, "My beer can drink your beer for breakfast and still operate heavey machinary" (not that I condone that type of thing).

Andrew Lewis


Brass Monkey Brewing Co.

Kokomo, IN

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olllllo said...

"My beer can drink your beer for breakfast and still operate heavy machinery"

*Files that in my mental Rolodex.