Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday Ale

Holiday ale's are usually described as 'big' and 'rich' and usually pack a lot more flavor than their summertime counterparts. These beers are often higher in Alcohol by Volume (ABV) than other special beers and it's been my experience that they are darker and sweeter in nature. Supposedly the holiday beer tradition goes back to medieval times when monks were the primary brewers and strong spicy ales were brewed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Often times these beers have a subtle but nice spice bouquet added to the recipe blending nicely to the malty/hoppy flavor of the brew.

Brrr is the first winter ale from Widmer in four years and is amber in color with a herby aroma. Brrr packs in a 7.2% ABV which makes it the strongest beer in Widmer's arsenal. It's a nice beer although on the sweet side which is an odd thing for me to say considering I prefer more sweet beers like ambers. It has a nice hoppy aroma and taste that plays well against the dark malty undertones. I bought a 12 ounce bottle of the Brrr at Belmont Station and wonder how it taste at their Gausthaus .I would drink this beer again but wouldn't run through traffic for one.

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