Monday, November 24, 2008

The six-pack conundrum

It's a shame to waste beer. I think that's something we can all agree on. But is there ever an occasion when it's ok?

Here's the scenario. I don't keep a ton of beer in my apartment. I have enough for me to enjoy one with dinner on most nights and some in reserve in case I have a couple friends over. But when I drink beer with larger groups, it's usually at a bar because neither my apartment nor my fridge are large enough to accomodate the supply of beer needed for a large, thirsty crowd.

As a result, the beer in my apartment is generally limited to the six-pack (or however much of it is left) in my fridge and another in reserve waiting for that other six-pack to be finished off.

As the picture shows, I've got three bottles of beer in my refrigerator. Those with a keen eye will recognize it as a beer I'm not terribly excited about, though it's not bad. Not in my fridge is a pack of a much tastier beer that I definitely get excited to drink.

Here's where the conundrum comes in. I'm hesitant to put another full pack of beer in my fridge before I finish this one off. I feel like I should get through this one before moving on. I started it, so I should see it through to the end. It's kind of like my justification for still watching ER - I've been watching it since the beginning, so I should finish watching through the last season. My other thought is that if I don't finish this beer, I'll never get it out of my fridge.

But, as with the show (especially over the last couple seasons), that's not easy when you're dealing with a mediocre product. So I'm contemplating just leaving those bottles in there and moving on and trying to push them on other people when they come over - or just getting rid of them.

But as I said, I hate to waste beer, even of the mediocre variety. So what do I do? Do I try and pawn it off on others? Do I just leave it there and when I eventually move out of this apartment, leave it as a gift for the new tenant? Do I dump it? Or is there another option I'm not considering?


Aleta said...

I would put the 3 bottles of beer in the door storage area of the fridge. If that doesn't work store them in a dark cool place. You never known when you might need one.

Anonymous said...

Find someone else who likes it? That's what I did last year with the exact same beer. Otherwise it'd still be sitting a refrigerator or closet somewhere.

basicbrewing said...

Cook with it! Pour a bottle into a beef stew and see how you like it. Or, use it to attract and trap slugs. :-)

DP said...

Give it to chicks. Or relatives. It's pumpkin beer! Not that I don't enjoy a good pumpkin beer, but six are about four too many. And tomorrow is T-Day, so you've got something that pairs with everything on the table. It'll be gone by tomorrow.

Henry Halff said...

Buy 3 six-packs at a time. Put two of each type in the fridge and replenish from the unrefrigerated stock as you drink the cold ones.