Sunday, November 30, 2008

A giant among IPA?

As I was paroling the shelves in the basement to find a beer to settle down and finish the holiday weekend with, I couldn't help but wonder what was hiding behind that Waxed Red Bottle Cap!
The Skeleton holding a hop bush in it's mouth gives me a pretty fair idea, but all the same, I do love imperial IPA!
Ska Brewing out of Durango Colorado is close enough to be considered a "Local Brew" for me, and I think that this Decadence Imperial IPA will fit the bill for the evening. With some of the other beers that come from Colorado, I've got high hopes. We don't make no junk!
The bottle opens with a citrus note, and a nice hiss. The bottle is just a tad larger than my "Big Beer" glass, at 22 oz. This leaves me room to make a nice aggressive pour and still have a swig from the bottle.
The Citrus nose has given way to a solid hop aroma, but not over powering, and not nearly what I'd expected judging by the label (I feel an old cliche here. There is a nice creamy head that is NOT what I expected from an IPA....It is an IMPERIAL IPA however, and the head is much appreciated. There is no over powering hop nose as has become trendy, it's just a solid aroma and a solidly bitter hop character with a perfectly balanced, almost creamy malt background. You would never guess by the flavor that this is a 10% ABV beer! It is as nice as a big IPA gets, and is totally not overbearing. This would be lost in the realms of Ruination, or Pliny the Elder, but is a nicely balanced, very drinkable Imperial IPA, and will be on my "TO BUY AGAIN" list!


Anonymous said...

Looks damn good. I haven't had an IIPA in awhile.

Chipper Dave said...

I too enjoyed trying Ska's big IPA. If you liked that, then you'd really love their Naferius Ten Pin Imperial Porter. It also comes in a wax covered bottle and is heavenly.