Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why Homebrew?

My start in home brewing began years ago as a young man simply because it was legal to brew at age 18 but legal consumption did not start until the age of 21. I found it odd that it was legal to make but illegal to drink the beverage made by my own hand. That dream turned into an obsession for me over the years as I began to realize the art that is brewing and all its wonders. I started out with the canned kits and slowly graduated to the partial mashes and all grain batches that I do today.

As I started to learn more I slowly added additional equipment to my home brewing arsenal. From wort chillers to auto-siphons and any other cool home brewing gadget I could find. From making my own mash tun from a cooler and parts from Home Depot to building my own stir plate from hard drive parts, a computer fan and a cigar box. Homebrewing brought out the creative side in me in many ways.

I like to think of myself now as an experienced home brewer but there is always so much to learn. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to the home brewing community and friends that have taught me so much over the years. You all have inspired me to try new things and teach others the art. I’ve started blogging about my homebrew experiences ( so that others can learn from my experiences and mistakes.

So I say to all of you with that one question in the back of your mind “should I start home brewing?” I say yes! From learning the craft to sharing your own handcrafted beers with your friends and family there is no better hobby in my opinion. You will learn so much not only about good beer but about yourself. So go to your local homebrew shop today and pick up that beer kit, what are you waiting for?


Brichards700 said...

I 2nd that. "Go tell it on the mountain...." Definitely start homebrewing if you are looking for a hobby. If not for the beer, for the community. I'm just as glad I got into homebrewing for the people I have met as I am the results of my beer. I really dig this new blog with the collaboration thing going on. From one blogger/homebrewer to another, Cheers

Anonymous said...

Its our duty to keep civilization civilized through beer!

Chipper Dave said...

That's a nice looking fermenter. Definitely the way to go if you have the means. I swear to God I'm going to start my next batch of homebrew soon. It's been way too long since my last batch.

olllllo said...

I had no idea that you were on HBT as well and I finally put the SIBT and SIDT persona together.

Small world.

Sickpuppy said...

olllllo! NOW I know where i've seen you before! Welcome to beerporn!