Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bell's Pale Ale

For those who are "not in the know"... Bell's had pulled all of their beers out of Illinois over a year ago after a distribution dispute. All of us Bell's drinkers in Illinois had been relegated to border runs to Indiana for any of those great Bell's beers!

And they are always worth it!

So, when I was headed back from Indiana a few months ago... I picked up some six packs of Bell's 2 Hearted and Oberon. I saw the Pale Ale sitting their... And realized that I have never had this beer. Now, I did not have to go to a resource book, website or ask for advice on whether or not to buy this beer... No... This is a Bell's beer... And with that in mind... I was fully confident that I would be buying a quality beer.

In hindsight... How many brewers do we really say that about? Most of us have a trusted few.

This beer is everything advertised. A great American style pale ale. Lots of hop flavor... But smooth and easy to drink. I would probably call it a session beer solely on the fact that it does not knock you around with hard edges and extreme taste. Don't take that as a bad thing. A balanced beer that is easy to drink is really what I am looking for most of the time.

Sure, there are more glamorous beers out their... But at the end of the day... A tasty, quality and reliable brew from Bell's will never let you down!

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Brichards700 said...

I've always been a big fan of this beer and I always wondered why it was not a "more talked about" beer by them. I think for a nice session beer, you can't go wrong with this one.