Saturday, November 29, 2008

Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale Ale

Flying Dog Canis Major Series: Double Dog Double Pale AleFlying Dog Canis Major Series: Double Dog Double Pale Ale

Part of the Flying Dog Canis Major series, Double Dog Double Pale Ale pours a yellow redish honey color with a puffy white head. The head thins down relatively quickly and a nice sharp hop aroma really comes out.

12 Seconds of Double Dog pour goodness. on

As I imbibe the thin head sticks quite nicely to the glass. Not overly carbonated the beer has an excellent mouth feel and thick quality to it. The 11.5% ABV is masked nicely by the 85 IBU of the hops along with the malt. I cannot taste the alcohol but definitely feel a pleasurable mild warming in the belly. This is a nicely bitter beer and at the end of the taste the interaction of the strong hops presence melds very well with a malty sweetness making the Double Dog Double Pale Ale a very well balanced beer.

Glass after the Double Dog Double Pale Ale

If you haven't tasted the Double Dog I highly recommend giving it a try. Look for the Ralph Steadman artwork of an acid trippy dog in tighty whiteys lunging at two glasses of beer.

Flying Dog Canis Major Series: Double Dog Double Pale Ale

For a good Black and Tan, I suggest the Double Dog with the Gonzo Imperial Porter (another of my favorites - review coming soon).

53/366 - 20080222: Flying Dog Black and Tan



Alpha King said...

Holy Moly Bubby! I love the picture of the empty Sam Adams glass (I think). I am a hopwhore and must seek this beer out. Wow.

BigKahuna said...

My God Man. Your Photography makes me jealous!

BuBBy said...

Thanks. I use a Panasonic point and shoot and an ample supply of self taught GIMP. Cheers

BeyondThePale said...

Loved the article and the pictures!

GROUCHO said...

Hoopmaster brought a 6er of these last weekend... Hands down one of the best beers I have had this year. Totally unexpected hop loveliness!